Chattanooga’s only Escape Room facility located in downtown announces our holiday escape room Saving Christmas!  Gather your friends or family together and come help out Santa who is missing his sack of toys and might not make his rounds in time!  Quest2Escape offers exciting, immersive escape experiences in our highly detailed rooms.  See if your team has what it takes to complete your mission while the clock ticks down. Our top rated rooms will take you to another time and place while presenting your group with fascinating puzzles and tasks that pave a path to completing your mission.  We are locally owned and operated and have designed all of our escape rooms, each having a tie-in to local lore and traditions.  Our Sabotage room takes you to WWII era Chattanooga where you must prevent a Nazi agent from attacking a troop transport train.  In Locker Room Lockdown, teamwork and physical skills are essential to successfully rescuing your mascot stolen by the Tigers, your cross-town rivals.  The Tigers are both smart and tough, and it would be wise to be out of their locker room before they come off the field in 60 minutes.  We are busy working on our next escape room, Abducted, where you are in jeopardy of disappearing forever without a trace.

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Q Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Park?

Parking is available in many nearby lots and also on the street. The lot across Market street and another across 5th street to the south are the closest. You can park on Cherry Street and come down either 4th or 5th to Market.

Are We Really Locked Inside a Room?

Well, sort of. The door is held closed by a magnetic lock which is released when the final puzzle is solved. But every door has a pushbutton exit button next to it and the doors are automatically released in emergency situations or power outages.

What If I Just Have To GO?

Push the door exit button to get out and take care of business. The game clock will continue for the rest of your team, but you can just come back into the room at any time.

What If We Get Stuck on a Puzzle?

Every game session has a Game Master who will be continually watching and listening to your group during the game. If you get stuck and need a clue to proceed, just address any camera and ask for assistance. We want you to have fun, not frustration.

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Book a Game?

We recommend that you book as far in advance as is practical for your situation. However, games can be booked on-line up to an hour before the start time if there are slots available. We will try to accommodate walk-ins as space allows, but booking on-line in advance is much preferred.

Will My Group Be Playing with Strangers?

If you do not book the entire room then you may be playing with other people. People who play escape rooms are among the finest people on the planet, so don’t worry, you won’t be strangers when the hour is done.

When Should I Show Up?

Please plan to arrive no later than 15 min before. Each game has an introductory presentation before the clock starts, and we start on time to make the schedule work. We do not run our business like a doctor’s office. Those 15 minutes will give you time to relax a little before the game begins and you need turn your brain up to 11.

What If I Arrive Late?

If other players were on time then the game is already in progress. The game master will ask the group if it is OK for you to join. If they agree, you can join the game at whatever point that happens to be. Otherwise your out of luck. Having someone enter the game late is very inconsiderate to the other players, so please, don’t show up late. We will NOT reschedule or give refunds to players arriving late.

Is There An Age Limit?

It depends on the room and time of day. Players under 14 always need to be accompanied by a paying adult. Our Chattanooga 1944 room is designed to be challenging for late teens and up. Younger kids can play with their parents, but many of the puzzles and challenges will likely be too difficult for them to handle on their own. Also, if you are not booking the entire room and bring a young child to the game, it can make the experience less enjoyable for players that are paired with you. Our Locker Room Lockdown is different as it can be configured for younger kids in the 8 – 13 range, playing with their parents. See the Locker Room Lockdown game page for details.

Q Pricing

$28.41 Includes Tax per Person

Q Room #1: Sabotage: Chattanooga 1944

Q Room #2: Locker Room Lockdown

Q Book Your Party

Meeting Room for Parties and Gatherings
Quest2Escape offers a 300 square foot meeting room which can be reserved for activities such as birthday or graduation parties. Have your guests experience their escape game and then have everyone gather to share their adventure over cake and ice cream in our on-site meeting room. We supply table and chairs and you can decorate the room however you like. Make your escape, throw your party and let our staff handle the clean-up.

Our Locker Room Lock-Down escape room was designed to be family friendly, where kids can participate with their parents, and even allows opportunity for the kids be the stars. The room can handle up to 8 kids along with one adult who must be in the room during the game.

Ideal for teens and adults, our Sabotage: Chattanooga 1944 room challenges the players to foil a plan to sabotage a troop train near Chattanooga during WWII.

Call us to make custom arrangements for your activity. We will work with caterers or planners to ensure that your event will run smoothly and your guests will have a great time.

Give us a call at 423-414-2527 or send us a message here CONTACT US to get the party started!

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